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I know everyone's wondering why I haven't updated this page in such a long time, and why I only have old episodes posted here.  It's because my capture card isn't working right and I can't make pictures from any episodes :-(  But don't worry, I have been taping the episodes, and as soon as I get everything working again, I will try to get caught up, I promise.  For now, just enjoy these pictures.

Once the greatest magician in the world, Al Lusion was exposed to be a fraud by a sweet little girl many years ago.  Now, he has returned from the dead to take revenge on the people of Townsville for laughing at him as ABRACADAVER, an evil crazed magical zombie

Impeach Fuzz
Fuzzy Lumpkins has been elected as mayor of Townsville, but he is doing a terrible job!  The Powerpuff Girls need Ms. Bellum's help to get the real mayor back before Fuzzy ruins the town!

Cat Man Do
The Powerpuff girls begged the professor to let them have a kitty...but what have they gotten themselves into?  Thier evil cat is using mind control to make housecats the rulers of Townsville, and now he's using the professor as his puppet!

Bubbles is tired of being thought of as the cute little baby.  Now she's out to prove she can be hard core!  She claims she can handle Townsville by herself.  What happened to the Bubbles we know?

Boogie Frights
The Boogie Man and all his Nightmare friends have found a way to block out the sun and keep Townsville in total darkness so they can forever terrorize it's citizens!  Can Bubbles overcome her fear of the dark in time to save the day?

Powerpuff Bluff
Three evil men have dressed up like the Powerpuff Girls and are using their disguises to rob, pillage, and generally do evil all over Townsville.  The real Powerpuff Girls get put in jail!  Now what?

Ice Sore
Blossom discovers she has a new power, ice breath.  Bubbles and Buttercup are jealous because they don't have the cool new ability, and they make Blossom ashamed of it.  She swears she will never use it again.  But now the girls need her new power more than ever.  What have they done?

Tough Love
The girls once again must face thier arch-nemesis, Him.  This time, he figures out a way to destroy The Powerpuff Girls...the only way.  He makes everyone in Townsville hate them!  How can the girls defeat Him with everyone in Townsville trying to stop them?

Just Another Manic Mojo
The Powerpuff Girls were playing catch, and thier ball crashed through Mojo Jojo's window.  When they come to get it back, Mojo sees that he has the perfect opportunity to destroy the girls once and for all...but his plan isn't working out like he thought it would...

Paste Makes Waste
The kids at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten tease Elmer so much for eating paste, that he get angry and turns into a giant mutant paste monster that ravages Townsville!  It's up to Buttercup to save the day...but will she?

The Gangreen Gang has broken into the mayor's office and is using the Powerpuff Hotline to make prank calls.  Fuzzy Lumpkins, Mojo Jojo, and Him are all surprised by unexpected, unnecessary visits by the Powerpuff Girls.

Insect Inside
Roach Coach threatens to take over the world, ending the human race forever and begining the reign of ROACHES... gross!  The Professor said it's not okay to squish an insect just because it's yucky on the outside, but this one's yucky on the inside!

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