People who made this site possible:

International Entertainment Project or IEP: Their site gave me an idea to make a website about Albanian Dubs since there weren't that much people who cared about these dubs.

AlbDubs332: He is the reason I joined the IEP, which is the reason I made this site. He also gave us a lot of info about Albanian dubs.

Albanian Dubs Weebly or Lovatic Disnerd: His/her site is where most of the dub info comes from. I never claim his dub info to be mine, I just put it in this site as a mirror in case he/she closes his/her site.

Me: I also contributed in this site by adding CatDog (Maçoku-Qen) dub info and dub info about other shows.

Note: The people mentioned in this site are the ones which helped me make this site and making it possible. This site would be smaller if these people didn't contribute. I thank these people for making this site valuable with dub info so future Albanian dub fanatics can browse the dubs the older generations grew up with. If you contributed too and your name isn't here, contact me on AlbanianTelevisioner#8448 and show me your contributions. Your name will be added in the same day you contacted me.